Liza's Stacking Bracelets

$3.95 $5.95

Brand: Liza's

Product Description

Colorful Stacking Glass Bead Bracelets


  • Versatile matching and stacking bracelets
  • Three sizes for each color
  • Dress up or dress down easily
  • Stretch to fit

These glass bead bracelets fill the perfect void in your bohemian accessories. Whether you have hundreds of stacking bracelets or are just looking for something in the right color, these pieces of Western-inspired jewelry will be just the thing. Choose from over 40 styles and colors, all found right here on Rural Haze! Mix and match all of your favorite colors and sizes to express your personal bohemian chic style! Bead sizes: beads on small bracelets are 1/8 inch, on the medium are 1/4 inch and on the large are 1/3 inch.


  • Glass bead bracelets with stretch band
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Colors: Black, White, Soft Orange, Brown, Orange, Mauve, Deep Orange, Silver, Sea Foam, Blue, Charcoal, Green, Dark Turquoise, Black, Green, Bronze, & Red