Life of a Boot Series

Hi all, Jane here! In October Peter, Ray (a marketing guru) and I had the pleasure of being guests in Leon, Mexico, the leather boot capitol of the world. Until now, I had been hoarding these photos like little treasures, but the time has some to share them with the world. We were lucky enough to receive tours of two leather tanneries (both traditional and exotic) and a few boot factories as well. Not to mention, we pretty much ate our way thru the country, I think I'll pass on cricket tacos for the rest of my life, thank you very much. 

Over the next few months, each week we will post a blog detailing a part in the life of a boot, if nothing else, the pictures and videos are awesome. We learned that the individuals who make these boots are not simply 'workers', they are artisans. Being fortunate enough to have this experience has changed my view on boots, and I hope it will yours as well! 

This is us soon after we landed.

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