Manufacturer Spotlight: Lucchese Boots

Lucchese holds a special place in our heart at Rural Haze, which is why we figured it deserved it’s very own blog post!


For those of you who have had a pair of Lucchese you know that the comfort and quality is unmatched, but here are a few things you may not already know:


Lucchese Bootmakers actually in 1883 as a US Calvary Boot shop, in San Antonio, Texas. From there, Luccese evolved into a custom boot shop that focused on the highest quality and fit standards and focus on fit defined who we have become today.


It has been a favorite of movie stars, presidents, country music stars and other celebrities for years. Noteworthy mentions include, former presidents LBJ, the Bushes, Johnny and June Carter Cash, George Strait and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Recent fans of our brand include Scotty McCreary, Eric Church, Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake (probably the only one that shocked me).


The majority of their are manufactured in El Paso,TX. We partner with some of the finest footwear manufacturers in Mexico and Brazil for our fashion forward styles.


All their boots are warranted for one year against manufacturer's defects and material flaws. They also handle repairs for common wear and tear and other damage that may not be covered by the warranty for a nominal fee. Side note: a girl friend of mine got hers resoled recently by Lucchese, the customer service and turnaround time were impeccable!


In virtually every step of their boot making process, they rely on human hands to complete old tasks to perfection. They have quality inspections throughout the manufacturing process that insure that each pair are made to Lucchesse standards.


Most boots take 6-8 weeks to be produced. they keep our factory at a level that supports current demand and maintains the level of quality that comes with every pair made. Custom boots are made by true artisans. Their backlog of custom boots can be up to one year depending on the intricacies of the boot. 

Check out all of our Lucchese Boots here!

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