Randi's Favorite Wedding Boots

For those of you who don't know Randi, she is our sassy Creative Director. She is also our on staff smile, the one that will always make sure you hair is just perfect and the gal who never backs away from a challenge. She has put together a few of her favorite boots and thoughts, in this piece. Enjoy!    xoxo, Jane


If you are the white glittery wedding boot girl, this may not be your jam. But If you live a bold life, drink a ‘lil whiskey, love adventure and wear whatever you want to wear this is for you. Maybe you're interested in being a wild child and you just need a ‘lil direction. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.


Sometimes we get a little caught up in what everyone else is doing. If your vision is that beautiful “white glittery boot” we’re so happy you know what you want. If it isn't, we can’t wait to see what killer boot you are going to choose to walk down that aisle in.


I was a hairdresser that specialized in wedding and special event hair for 10 years. The one common denominator from all my brides when it was all said and done,  they didn't sacrifice and stayed with the style they wanted!  Boots are an incredibly unique piece. If you want red ones on your wedding, wear red. If you want black, wear back. Wedding are about portraying who two are, your love, your life and your style.  

Girl, don't invite that person if you don't want to. Don't have a cake if you don't want to and burn your budget on your flowers.

Your wedding is about YOU.  Phew- ok back to boots.


I believe that your wedding should be true to you and your husband’s style. You should be comfortable and feel like the most gorgeous you, so if i can help be your boot picker it would make my day (seriously, just email me).


So without further ado i give you my version of a “wedding boot”






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