Featured Product Spotlight: Jackson and Hyde

It is exciting, that what was once a small Etsy shop has now become RuralHaze.com. Often times it’s hard for even us to believe! While looking back to the past makes it seem like a total blur, there have been a few benchmark moments that stand out in our minds, and one of them is certainly our discovery of Jackson and Hyde. Our relationship with them began in an interesting and fairly one-sided way, but has grown into a dedicated partnership. What began with us buying a single crossbody bag has blossomed into our website becoming a certified retailer of their products - amazing!

About Jackson and Hyde

Just in case you’re a Rura lHaze fan that has not become familiar with this incredible brand, we’ll run through some of the things that helped us to fall in love with them. The Jackson and Hyde story is undeniably a love story, and the company can be traced to the honeymoon of the company’s co-founders, Genevieve & Ryan. What began as a clutch purchased on their romantic trip to Central America, quickly became a flood of compliments and, ultimately, a business idea. Now, Jackson and Hyde has partnered with a mother and son duo in Central America to produce high-quality handmade products made from cowhides created as a byproduct from the local food industry.

Our Crossroads

We first met this dynamic duo in Las Vegas at the Professional Bull Riders World Finals 2015, and a single crossbody was purchased. That was it; with that one bag we were hooked. Their products were just so much better than anything we had ever experienced. The right combination of clean cut, versatile style and durable, lightweight material merge to make their bags and coin pouches must-have western accessories.

Sound familiar? Yeah, they reminded us of us too. Nothing seems to pair better with our line of country jewelry and western style accessories. Whether you are a long term Rural Haze fan or just meeting us for the first time, just imagine how easy it will be to craft a complete look by joining our handmade western accessories with their purses and handbags.

The rest is history. You can find a number of their wonderful western handbags and accessories throughout our store, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

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