Welcome to Our Blog!

Whether you’re a tenured Rural Haze fan, or just getting to know us, we are excited to welcome you to the RuralHaze.com blog! Our blog is going to focus on all of your favorite women’s western wear trends, including western style dresses, accessories, purses, and more. We’ll be discussing trends and tips for improving your look, as well as sharing the inspiration behind our latest products. Today, however, we’ll be sharing a little bit about us and what got Rural Haze to this point.

Our Gypsy Spirit

Thanks to the internet, folks with a roaming spirit can now share their products from wherever they are (or aren’t), and that’s something we take full advantage of. It’s common to find us wandering California, Nevada, Idaho, or who-knows-where with a basket full of handmade country style jewelry and accessories in tow. Thanks to our online presence, we can reach fans everywhere, whether we’ve met them in person yet or not! We started this online presence with a modest Etsy shop selling bandanas back in 2013, and it’s amazing how quickly things have grown since then; we were once excited to have been picked up by retailers, yet now we have even become a retailer ourselves! Rural Haze was founded under the belief that every country girl deserves a smile on her face and accessories that bring out her inner spirit, and that is something we have stayed true to through today.

Sound Like You?

If you have an untamable spirit that is difficult to shop for in big-box stores, love the open road, or even just country style clothing, then Rural Haze is probably for you. Feel free to browse our shop for our latest offerings, or just keep your eyes peeled for us wandering around. Curious about anything? Give us a shout online today!

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