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Why won't all of my discount codes work in one order?

Unfortunately, only one discount code is accepted per order. 

Why could the color of my boots vary?

Because most of the boots we carry are hand made by craftsmen, there will be variances from pair to pair. Keep in mind that the photos we post and provide are for reference and there is a possibility of slight differences in the tone, coloring, and distressing of each boot. These variances solidify the fact that your boots are hand made to order and will have their own unique character. If you'd like to see a picture of your boots before we send them out to you, just reach out to us at info@ruralhaze.com and we can place that request on your order and send you the picture via email! 

What if my boots don't fit/I need to exchange?

No problem! Here at Rural Haze we want you to absolutely love your order! Follow the link below to our shipping/returns policy and it will have all the information you need. If not, shoot us an email at kyley@ruralhaze.com. 



Do any of our boots come in a wide width?

If a boot is available in a wide, in the product description of each boot, it will state 'wide' next to the size. Keep in mind that when we talk about "Wide Width" we are talking about the footbed and not the calf circumference. 

Can our boots come in a wide calf?

Depending on the style, they can be professionally stretched up to 3-4 inches without compromising the integrity of the boots. We do not offer stretching here, but any local boot shop should be able to help you! 



If the boots fit, buy them!

But how do you know if the boots fit?? Great question.  We at Rural Haze are here to help. Shopping online for boots is a lot of fun.  However, sometimes it can be challenging. We would like to share some tips with you especially if this is your first time buying boots.  We carry boots which are handmade, meaning hand lasted in welted construction. These will be the most comfortable boots you will own, but the fit is not always like traditional machine made footwear.

First things first ………...

Know your foot.  No two feet are alike.  (Sometimes not even the two you’ve got!) Do you have a wide foot?  A narrow one? Is your instep high? All these factors will play into the size of boots you will choose.  Be open to the possibility of maybe choosing a new size. Start with your regular shoe size and if you have a chance, have your feet measured once a year to see if your size might have changed.  And this is a big one - socks matter. Socks can make a ½ size difference in the fit of your boot. Always try on your boots with the style of socks you would normally wear with boots.



  1. Stand on a piece of paper and mark the point at the back of your heel and the tips of your toes.  Measure the length in between as that’s your foot length.


  1. Wear the kind of socks you will wear with you boots.  Socks can add a ½ size to your feet.


  1. Measure both feet as these may be different.  If one foot is larger, choose the larger size.  If you are between sizes, order ½ size up.


  1. It may help to place your heel against a flat surface like a wall and measure from the wall to the tip of your big toe.  Having someone trace your foot onto a sheet of paper can make it easier to get the right measurements.



The heel measurement is taken around the heel and instep diagonally.  Using a measuring tape, you’ll need to measure from the lowest part of your heel and go around up past your ankle to the highest point of your instep.  This will determine the widest measurements of our feet and the best boot width for you. Make sure you do this for both feet and always use the largest foot measurements.  Medium width for a woman’s boot is “M” or “B” width (medium or regular width). Wide width is labeled “W” or “C”.




It is easiest to sit down and try a boot on while seated.  However sometimes certain brands are made to fit snugly around the arch for better support and you may need to stand while trying on.  When you pull your boot on, you should hear a soft “pop” when your foot drops into the boot.



  1. Your entire foot should feel snug in the boot except for your heel.  Don’t worry! Your heel should always slip in a properly fitted new boot.  As you begin wearing your boots the leather will soften and conform to and move with your foot.  The slipping will disappear.
  2. The ball of your foot should sit at the widest part of the sole of the boot.  Unlike feeling for the fit in your toes (as you would in trying on a shoe), the proper location of the ball of your foot in the boot will ensure a good fit throughout.  Consequently, if the ball of your foot sits too far forward in the boot, your toes will uncomfortably crowd the toe box of the boot.
  3. The toe box on a boot surrounds the toes and the front part of the foot.  Pressing on this area to see where the toes end may work for athletic shoes, but not for boots.  This type of pressure could cause permanent damage to your boot. To test the toe box for fit, wiggle your toes - they should be able to move easily inside the boot.
  4. The instep (vamp) of the boot should fit snugly over the top of the arch of your foot (more snugly than in your normal sneaker or shoe).  Snugness on the instep is vital for a proper fit and will stretch out and go away.


Once your boots fit, use these tips to help break them in.

  1. Condition. Coat your new boots with natural leather conditioner.  IMPORTANT! Consider the leather finish on your boots BEFORE conditioning.  Boots with a sueded finish will gain a slick finish if conditioned.
  2. Wear.  For the first 6/8 outings, try for at least 2-3 hours of wear.  Continued wear allows your body heat and moisture to permeate the boots, softening the leather.  Over time, a leather heel, insole and outsole conform to the shape of your foot providing a more flexible and comfortable fit.
  3. Wait.  Be patient - the more you wear you new boots, the better they feel and fit!

Obviously, because only you know what feels right on your feet, it is difficult to recommend sizes.  Some girls like a loose fitting width, some like a snug ankle. Comfort and feel is very subjective and is genuinely an individual decision.  For “what size to order” here are a final few thoughts that we here at Rural Haze have learned along our boot journey for you to keep in mind!


  1. Whenever possible get your foot measured, this will give you the truest idea of your size.
  2. If you are between sizes, order up a half size.
  3. A general rule of thumb is a snip toe and a square toe boot will normally run true to size, a round toe boot tends to run snug.
  4. A rubber soled boot does not normally come in a wide, a pressed leather sole has a wider silhouette which equals better comfort when walking.
  5. A boot with a spring toe (a toe that when sitting flat on the floor will slightly turn up) will be a more comfortable walking boot as this is the natural motion of your foot.
  6. A side zipper makes for easy entry - some brands offer a zipper that angles down towards the toe, allowing for even better entry if you have a wide foot or a high arch.  Also a style which has a back zipper is a great choice for those girls with wide feet or a high instep.
  7. Try on your boots in the afternoon, after you have been on your feet for an extended amount of time.
  8. Try your boots on inside on carpeted floor first.  Give them a good try. This will allow you to see how they fit without showing signs of wear on the boot.
  9. Most exotic leathers should fit with little to no additional stretching required. Stretching an exotic can cause the scales to come off!
  10. Boots with an overlay or inlay pattern tend to have less give or stretch because of the layered double stitched leathers.
  11. Remember your leather boot will naturally stretch and form to your foot as you break them in.


IN OUR OPINION (for all that it counts!)

In a survey of feet which work for Rural Haze, we have found our favorite brands run as follows in regards to fit.

Ariat - runs true to size

Lane - some have to ½ size down (although consider going up in a boot with a higher stacked heel)

Liberty Black - some have to ½ size down

Lucchese - runs true to size

Naughty Monkey - runs true to size

Not Rated - runs true to size

Old Gringo - some have to size ½ size up


Most of all LOVE your boots! Wear them often.  A great pair of boots will compliment your natural beauty and fill you with confidence!



If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us at kyley@ruralhaze.com and we'll make sure you're taken care of!