Meet the Maker: McIntire Saddlery

This post is the first of our 'Meet the Maker Series' and we couldn't be more excited to launch it with McIntire Saddlery!

      We brought on McIntire Saddlery following WESA Denver Market in January and it has been flying out our door since! Her handcrafted cuffs, earrings, and hats are a must-have for any edgy gal who wants to show a little color!

     We put Miranda McIntire in the hot seat and grilled her. Here are our favorite snippets!


Where are you based? Originally from Breckenridge, Texas, but my business is in Eastland County.

What is the background on your craft?  I grew up in my uncle's shop watching him make saddles my whole life. I attended college at Tarleton State University and got an Ag Degree with a minor in Business. While in college, I worked for other saddle makers. After graduating college, I started my own business, mainly doing custom leather work. I have a wholesale line that I am very excited about, but I still try to do my custom leather work when possible.

What made you take the plunge?  I have done leather work since high school, and after college on the side while selling Ag Commodities and Real Estate. Eventually, I had enough leather work to do it full time. After 15 years of just doing custom leather work, I was able to develop a wholesale line to market to stores.

What sets McIntire Saddlery apart? Everything is hand made, not on a production line. I use high-quality products and leather.

What is the best part about your job?  I am able to be available for my daughters. Being a single mom, that is hands down the best thing about this job. I am also lucky enough to employ my friends that want to see this business succeed.

Who do you admire? My Parents. They are the perfect example of a hard worker's and have instilled the same work ethic in me. My Dad taught me there wasn't anything that I couldn't do because I was a girl. He also taught me the importance of being a fair, honest person. I am working to instill those same values in my daughters.

Favorite quote? My favorite quote is "Live like someone left the gate open". I had a horse that would run for the gate and when I heard that quote, it reminded me of him and reminds me to run after what I want in life.

Miranda and her beautiful daughters:


Check out all of Miranda's work by clicking:

P.S. We are restocking soon! <3




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  • Miranda McIntire

    Thank you so much for the spotlight!!!! I love it!

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