Style Me Lauren

About two years ago, a friend referred me to the blog, I fell in love. She is all kinds of classy with a little spice. Fast forward thru a few months and I felt startstuck for the first time. 

I was pulling to my driveway one afternoon and got a phone call. 'Hi Jane, this is Lauren Condit' *Silence* 'With StyleMeLauren' *Stop breathing*

Ha! STYLE ME LAUREN is calling ME. A mutual friend had let her know that we started as an Etsy shop and she was looking into starting a handbag line (which is amazing btw). Long story short, she launched her brand and joined us at many of our holiday shows. From Salinas to Vegas, we got to know each other. She has amazing lashes, a beautiful heartfelt smile, a kind demeanor and a stellar work ethic. 

Lauren's blog has blown up and you all need to do yourselves a favor and follow. She was kind enough to highlight a few of our favorite dresses. See below, or better yet, go to to read the blog and sign up for her adorable newsletter <3








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